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Wild at Home - Fish Dumplings

Season 2 Episode 4

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    Join Richie and the crew as they dive into the vast world of dumplings, specifically fish dumplings, and even more specifically “odds and ends” fish dumplings. If you have leftover scraps, forgotten freezer fish from last season’s catch, or even a brand new piece of fish, this recipe has you covered. Our very own community member Kari Hamann created this recipe and won our yearly recipe contest with these soft, tender dumplings that are easily adapted for pan-frying as potstickers or traditional steaming. With a dynamite spicy dipping sauce and some great tips on making homemade dumpling wrappers, you will want to double the batch and eat dumplings all week! We suggest using white fish, but any fish combination will work. Just don't forget the mirin!

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