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Local Seafood Summit: Adding Value(s) to a Transforming Seafood System

From Slow Food

    The Slow Food article outlines the increasingly urgent need to adopt fishing methods that help maintain our fragile ocean ecosystem. To work toward this goal, the Slow Fish campaign partnered with Local Catch Network (LCN) and other organizations, including Sitka Seafood Market. The article states, “They have featured businesses including Skipper Otto and Sitka Seafood Market, both among North America’s largest community supported fisheries…”

    This article details the relationship with the LCN and how they are partnering with businesses in order to grow the values-based and community-supported fisheries movements, which advocate responsible, sustainable fishing practices, and the economic success of the communities that depend on them. Domestic and global seafood supply chains continue to be plagued by cheap imports, mislabeling, fishing practices that are damaging to the environment, all perpetuated by an industrial seafood system geared towards putting profits ahead of consumer and ocean health alike. LCN has been convening summits with sustainable fishermen and organizations from across America an attempt to learn from each other and identify some of the challenges that they have been facing and what they can do to support the longevity of our ecosystems.

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