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Sitka Seafood Market Brings Fresh, Wild-Caught, Sustainable Fish to Your Doorstep

You'll Never Eat Store Bought Fish Again

    Cavan McGinsie from NUVO interviews Sitka Seafood Market's co-founder, Nic Mink. The writer says,

    "Fresh fish in the Midwest has always been as hard to find as a worthwhile fishing hole. If your family is anything like mine, your fish intake growing up consisted of Long John Silver’s, patties made of salmon out of a can and, if you were lucky, the bluegill, crappie and small mouth bass you and your dad caught in a local pond, lake or stream and then filleted, breaded and fried. You may have even been fortunate enough to take some trips to the coasts to get a taste of fresher seafood. But the fact is finding quality sustainable fish in the Midwest has always been pretty much an impossibility, especially for home consumers.

    And then, as if out of nowhere, I started hearing a name pop up: Sitka Seafood Market. In the past few months I’ve been to two meals featuring their fish. And it was good. It was better than good; it was phenomenal. Jonathan Brooks and the team at Milktooth made a dish featuring king salmon and king crab that may have been the best bite of food I’ve ever had, and it was made with Sitka Seafood Market’s product."

    Read Nic's Interview with NUVO and learn what makes Sitka Seafood Market's different.

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