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How to Prep Salmon Steaks

    What you’ll need

    Flexible knifeFlexible knife

    Fish tweezers or pliersFish tweezers or pliers


    Salmon steaks are cut into cross sections from whole fish, as opposed to fillets which are cut lengthwise from tail to collar. They contain three sets of bones: pin bones, rib bones, and vertebrae. Watch our video to learn more.

    To debone, use a sharp, flexible knife and a pair of pliers or sturdy tweezers to remove them or cook and eat around them.

    Steaks can also be rolled into a spiral. After removing the bones, wrap the belly flaps around to form a round spiral then tie with kitchen twine

    Steaks can be separated into two fillets and cooked as you would any type of salmon fillet.

    Any recipe on our website that calls for salmon fillets can be adapted to use whole salmon steaks. Since whole steaks are cooked on the flesh sides only, the skin will not make contact with the pan to become crispy.

    Similar to steaks, salmon roasts are cut into cross sections. These cuts are made closer to the tail and lack the belly flaps and rib bones. As a result, they may only contain the pin bones and vertebrae. Roasts tend to be 2-inches thick and will need additional time to cook all the way through.