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Can Frozen Fish Taste As Good As Fresh?

Grace in the Kitchen – July

    Photo by Kelley Jordan

    When Sitka Seafood Market co-founder, Nic Mink reached out to me about joining the team, my initial thoughts were “Hmm, frozen fish? Really?” You see, years in magazine publishing left me skeptical if I’m being kind, and disdainful if I’m being totally honest. We were convinced of three things regarding seafood–local is good, sustainable is even better, and fresh is absolutely crucial.

    Furthermore, later experience at a meal kit company more than confirmed that opinion. As if the lack of traceability, support of corporate fisheries, and uncertain labor practices wasn’t enough, the poor handling along the supply chain was the final blow. The fish was water-logged, smelly, and mushy and it pained me to create seafood recipes.

    During the interview, I relayed that experience to Nic and he was justifiably horrified. He assured me of the company’s commitment to quality, traceability, and sustainability, yet, I still thought, “Ok, frozen fish…let’s see”. He sent me a box of halibut and sablefish to play around with and it was honestly the best of both I’d ever eaten, including the famous miso-black cod at Nobu Matsuhisa’s flagship Beverly Hills restaurant. Mind blown!

    Working with Sitka Seafood Market’s fish these past 2 years has been an eye-opener, a game changer, and an absolute pleasure. Done correctly, frozen fish is exceptional.