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Need a Last Minute Gift? Try a Subscription Box

A Sitka Salmon Cocktail Party

    There’s probably no greater last-minute gift than one delivered directly to your loved one — especially if it keeps giving long after the holidays have passed. The absolute charm of subscription boxes may seem out of step with their convenience, but we promise there’s no catch. With one for every hobby or interest, subscription boxes make wonderful, thoughtful presents, even if given at the 11th hour.

    1. Sitka Seafood Market

    The best way to ensure you’re eating good seafood is to know where and by whom it is caught and processed. Our seafood is always caught by small-boat fishermen and processed in Alaska. Cutting out middlemen and processing our catch close to the fishing grounds means more dollars stay in fishing communities responsible for this amazing seafood. It’s a difference in quality you can rely on because you can taste it. Gift the foodie in your life a share of our catch here. If you’d rather get a single box, we offer those too.

    2. Porter Road

    Porter Road is setting a new standard for meat, all of which is pasture-raised, hand-cut by artisan butchers, and dry-aged for flavor. Their monthly box is a great choice for environmentally conscious chefs who don’t want to compromise on taste. In fact, much like Sitka Salmon Shares, Porter Road exemplifies that food is actually most flavorful when harvested considerately.

    3. Atlas Coffee Club

    There are many excellent coffee subscriptions out there, but none match our sustainable harvesting ethos quite like Atlas. Atlas works directly with farmers and pays well above market price for beans to support small-scale farmers and artisans — much like Sitka Salmon Shares. By supporting smaller operations, Atlas sets the standard for the sustainable and ethical consumption of coffee worldwide.

    4. Raw Spice Bar

    Raw Spice Bar offers a monthly selection of boutique spice blends from all over the world.

    5. Rock Juice

    Rock Juice is a sommelier service based in the Bay Area, but they also curate an excellent selection of natural wines for subscriptions. You’ll receive a box of three, six, or 12 bottles of natural wine — that’s wine made with the least possible amount of chemical additives in the field and cellar — as well as detailed tasting notes on their maker, region, and production practices. The goal is to personalize your connection with wine and the communities that produce it, as well as prepare you for your next trip to the wine store. Check out their boxes here.

    6. Force of Nature

    Meat production accounts for 60% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. What’s the ethical carnivore to do? Force of Nature reimagines the way land and animal life are managed by our current food system (read more about regenerative agriculture here) by partnering with trusted ranchers to raise beef, bison, and venison in their natural environments and on their natural diets. As a result, these high-quality products actually have a net-positive impact on the environment.

    One caveat: Force of Nature offers single items and sample boxes, not subscriptions. However, we’re so impressed with their commitment to quality and thoughtful land management philosophy that we’re including them anyway.