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The Complete Sitka Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gifts for everyone on your list

    With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, so begins the holiday gift hysteria. If you lack patience for this time-honored American tradition, give yourself the gift of convenience this year and treat your loved one to a Sitka Seafood Market subscription, or even a single box from our holiday flash sale — launching just in time. There’s no better way to show your appreciation for someone than by feeding them, and our wild-caught Alaskan salmon is just the thing. 

    But why stop there? Everyone can appreciate high-quality seafood that’s harvested locally and sustainably, but you can personalize your gift even further. Each item on our official holiday gift guide was picked to accompany either a monthly Sitka subscription or a single holiday box. With a wide range of products at a variety of price points, this guide has something for everyone, whether that’s the newlywed, home chef, or coffee enthusiast in your life.

    1. The Michelin-starred Home Chef

    These fillet knives are an in-house favorite. Flexible but sturdy, they deliver picture-perfect cuts every time.

    2. The Intrepid Amateur

    Every kitchen needs a spatula, and the best ones are light, flexible, and strong. Slotted offset spatulas (AKA fish spatulas) are perfect for delicate fillets, and this one from Field Company is easy to grip, allowing the chef to move with precision while maneuvering the most fragile of foods. 

    3. The Spouse-turned-Prep Cook

    Behind every enthusiastic home chef is a reluctant spouse-turned-assistant. This holiday season, honor their commitment to your craft with a set of stainless steel prep tools. Because no one should devein shrimp with scissors from Office Max.

    4. The Newlyweds

    Move over, Dutch oven. If you’re looking for a different but equally durable gift, try this carbon-steel paella pan. Like cast iron, it becomes nonstick over time, but at a fraction of the weight. It’s great for pancakes or steaks, but when our seafood box arrives this month, we plan to use it as intended.

    5. The Not-So-Victorious Gardener

    There’s nothing like a fresh herb salsa to accompany a crispy, pan-roasted fillet. But for those in apartment buildings or without access to outdoor space, this hydroponic garden from Lettuce Grow is a great option.

    6. The Recent Grad

    A cast-iron skillet is a classic gift that will see your scholar through the post-graduation years. We’re obsessed with Field Company’s cast-iron line — be sure to get a seasoning kit as well. But if your grad is still eating on stolen tableware from their university’s dining hall, skip the pan altogether and get them this simple dishware set, posthaste.

    7. The Outdoorsman

    For the open-air chef in your life, we recommend this portable smoker or this collapsible woven food tent to keep your fixings critter-free. Outdoor eating is a joy — pests are not.

    8. The Coffee Lover

    Chemex’s classic pour-over style of coffee has dominated the caffeine game for decades, making it a delicious and timeless gift. Savor the wintry mornings with a perfectly crafted cup of coffee and a classic bagel breakfast. Don’t skimp on cream cheese, capers, or our luscious smoked salmon, available in our holiday entertaining box. Success!

    9. The Ethical Consumer

    Our wild seafood is always caught and processed by small boat Alaska fishermen — which encourages sustainability and healthier fish populations. For your compassionate loved ones, we recommend a beautiful, sleek bento box to take leftovers for lunch at work or school. No take-out means no harmful single-use plastics. Try this beautiful bento set from monbento.

    10. The Would-be Sommelier

    You don’t need wine to enjoy our seafood, but it never hurts. If your friend has been trying to learn more about wine but the rules make her head spin, try this easy-to-read book. If she’d rather just drink it, however, we highly recommend the selection from Ole and Obrigado. Their wines are imported from boutique vineyards across Portugal and Spain and are a perfect accompaniment to our delicious seafood.

    Remember to always check the Pro Tips section of our recipes for recommended beverage pairings!

    11. The Recent Retiree

    There’s never been a better time to get into cooking. Help your loved one celebrate their tremendous accomplishment with a bread-making kit. So many of our delicious recipes call for crusty bread to serve with the main course, and bread is always better fresh.

    12. The Interior Decorator

    For those who like to cook in style, seek statement items that don’t sacrifice form for function. Try displaying these French oak serving boards or replacing your ratty kitchen towels with these geometric microfiber cloths. We also love these modern bookends, perfect for the cookbooks that live on your counter.

    13. The One Who Loves Gadgets (or, the one with infinite storage space)

    If you’re a fiend for fish skin, this stainless steel fish weight will ensure amazing, even crisping.