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What's Your Love Language?

Grace in the Kitchen – December

    In his book, The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman writes that there are five distinct ways that we give and receive love.

    For example, some of us express love by using kind words (affirmation), doing tasks that ease another’s burden (acts of service), devoting undivided attention (quality time), holding hands (physical touch), or finding the perfect gift (receiving gifts).

    I think it’s a bit simplistic, but as things go, my “love language” is receiving gifts. A creative, well-thought-out gift says, “I see you!” It doesn’t need to be costly or elaborate, it just needs to be personal and considerate. A holiday wish list is a great help for the gift giver and yields 100% satisfaction for the gift receiver, but to me, it feels a bit like cheating. Where’s the challenge?

    My favorite gifts to give (and receive) are those that inspire action, spark creativity, or ignite passion. Maybe they lead to new hobbies or pursuits. Those gifts are everlasting reminders of thoughtful generosity.

    If your love language is like mine, and you take great pride in finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, especially your seafood-loving darlings, take a look at our Seafood Essentials Holiday Gift Guide for gift ideas that will inspire action and ignite passion, not to mention yield spectacular dishes!

    Wishing everyone a thoughtful and inspired holiday season,