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Salmon and Brie Pizza

  • Pizza / Pastry
  • Bake
  • Breakfast/Brunch
  • Dinner
  • Smoked salmon
  • Active Time:30 min
  • Total Time:60 min
  • Servings:3-4
  • Difficulty:Intermediate
Photo by Julia Gartland

Wolfgang Puck may have been the first one to put smoked salmon on a pizza at his iconic LA restaurant, Spago, in 1982, but we’re certain he didn’t use Sitka Seafood Market’s hot smoked wild Alaska salmon. Leftover cooked salmon is a great alternative. You'll need about 1 ½ cups. If you want to make your own pizza dough, we have a great recipe. If you don't, most supermarkets carry frozen dough and many pizzerias will sell you a ball in a pinch.


  • 1 pound pizza dough

  • All-purpose flour for dusting

  • Extra virgin olive oil for brushing

  • 1 tablespoon roasted garlic paste (optional)

  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper

  • 6 ounces brie (with rind) sliced ¼ inch thick

  • 1 whole scallion, thinly sliced

  • 6 ounces hot-smoked salmon, skin and bones removed, flaked or 3 ounces cold-smoked salmon cut into strips Available in Our Seafood Subscription Box

  • ⅓ cup crème frâiche or sour cream

  • Thinly sliced serrano or jalapeno chile for garnish


Prep the Pizza Stone

Place a pizza stone on the lowest rack in the oven and preheat to 500°F and allow 30 minutes for the stone to heat. Let the dough come to room temperature while the oven preheats. (Alternatively, if you don’t have a pizza stone, place a sturdy baking sheet, upside down, in the oven to preheat for 5 minutes before baking).

Assemble the Pizza

On a lightly floured work surface, roll or press the dough to a 13-inch round and brush the top lightly with oil. Slide the dough onto a sheet of parchment paper. Spread the roasted garlic paste over the dough, if using. Top with the brie and half of the scallions. Season with salt and pepper.

Bake the Pizza

Slide the pizza with the parchment onto the preheated stone (or inverted baking sheet) and bake until golden and bubbling, 8 to 10 minutes. Carefully remove the pizza from the oven and top with the salmon and crème fraîche. Return the pizza to the oven and bake for 2 minutes, just until heated through.

Finish and Serve

Transfer the pizza to a cutting board and season with freshly ground black pepper. Garnish with the sliced chiles and remaining scallions. Cut into wedges and serve.

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Pro Tips

Pair it Up

Pour a glass of off-dry sauvignon blanc from New Zealand to cut the richness of the cream and balance the smokiness of the salmon.

Level It Up

A dollop of caviar just before serving brings this already richly elegant dish to the next level. Salmon caviar, paddlefish caviar, or trout roe are all delicious options.

Change It Up

Reheat the pizza directly on the oven rack at 325°F just until heated through. Top it with a sunny side up egg for a delightful next-day breakfast.

Lighten It Up

Omit the brie for fewer calories and fat, but don’t be tempted to skimp on the créme fraîche. It adds much needed moisture and creamy tartness to balance the smokiness of the fish.


Full Bleed Hero
Full Bleed Hero