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Know Your Fish: Salmon

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    In this episode, Culinary Director Grace Parisi discusses the four salmon species that we offer: keta, sockeye, coho, and king. Each species has a unique flavor, texture, and fat content that is best showcased with different preparations. Salmon burger also makes an appearance in this episode. You’ll learn how it’s made, its health benefits, and ways to enjoy it.

    After you watch the video, check out these recipes that highlight the preparation methods Grace mentioned.

    Ginger Sesame Salmon Ceviche

    Salmon Poke Bowl

    Gravlax with Shallot Caper Relish

    Pan Roasted Salmon with Lime Salsa

    Grilled Salmon with Tabbouleh and Fresh Green Harissa

    Grab and Go Salmon Frittatas

    White Bean Salmon Cakes with Chile Aioli

    If you'd like more inspiration, click here to explore all of our salmon recipes.

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