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America's Best Food Artisans

From Food & Wine

    In 2014 Food & Wine named Sitka Salmon Shares president, Nic Mink, and vice president, Marsh Skeele, two of America's best food artisans. The magazine highlighted our salmon for its exceptional quality resulting from our fishermens' careful practices. "The taste of the salmon is superlative," Food & Wine wrote. "Their fishermen bleed their catch and lower its temperature to 30 degrees soon after hauling it out of the ocean, submerging it in slush ice instead of merely throwing it into cold seawater," noting that "if you love salmon, you need to know about @sitkashares."

    In April 2014, we sent Food & Wine a box of halibut and sablefish (black cod). In return, they sent an editor to Sitka, AK. She spent time fishing with Marsh Skeele, VP and captain of the F/V Loon, and we later learned that we would be featured in the magazine's November '14 issue. What an honor! We're so grateful to everyone who made it possible.

    Food & Wine emphasized the quality and superior taste of our salmon, resulting from our meticulous care. We have our fishermen and their commitment to top-notch handling methods to thank for this quality. Our community supported fishery (CSF) members also deserve a great deal of recognition. By trusting us to steward their fish from boat to table, our members directly support not only these practices but also a more transparent food chain that values higher standards.

    The article highlights a lovely Maple-Dijon Salmon Skewers recipe developed by Chef Ali Banks. It's a must-try! We recommend it to any new members who might be initially intimidated by cooking fish. These skewers make for an elegant and delicious treat but are simple to prepare. By letting Sitka salmon speak for itself and keeping it very simple, you can really taste the difference in fish that's been "babied from the moment it's caught." That difference is what Sitka Salmon Shares has been about since the beginning. We're thrilled that Food & Wine noticed!

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