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Food for Thought: Alaska

From Isthmus

    When many fisheries around the world have resorted to inhumane fishing practices like trawling, Sitka Seafood Market has been careful not to follow in their footsteps. Sitka Seafood Market is a community supported fishery (CSF) that prioritizes sustainable fishing practices to ensure that customers and fishermen enjoy the best results for their efforts and investments.

    It all started when Nic Mink, CEO, and co-founder, decided to accompany two students from Knox College to Sitka on an internship at the Sitka Conservation Society. He fell in love with the idea of sustainable fishing after observing the fishermen there. He realized the need to connect buyers to the local producers and started his journey to building a successful and sustainability focused CSF. Partnered with commercial fisherman Marsh Skeele, their roots were based on the belief that ‘seafood tastes like the environment it comes from’ and if you want to get your hands on the best wild-caught seafood out there, you have to make sure it is ethically sourced.

    With the support of people who care about their impact on the environment, Sitka Seafood Market works hard to spread our story and values to an ever greater audience. Our mission is not just our livelihood; it is about transforming the seafood industry for the better.

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