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Mark Bittman Highlights the Importance of Knowing Your Fishmonger (And Fishermen!)

From The Bittman Project

    Mark Bittman’s latest article on The Bittman Project, where ‘food is everything,’ stresses the importance of knowing your fishmonger — even if, in this digital world, that translates to a transparent, online relationship. Along with Sitka Seafood Market’s “climate-resilient” seafood system, Bittman notes the folks at Taku River Reds and Wellfleet Shellfish Co. for their high quality and transparency.

    In conversation with Sitka Seafood Market's Vice President and cofounder Marsh Skeele, Bittman reports that for us, it’s not just about the high quality of the seafood. It’s also about the livelihoods of the fishermen and everyone involved in our system, as well as the health of the environment. Marsh shares that in our efforts to be “committed to long-term relationships,” we pay fishermen higher than standard dock prices and that we are on our way to becoming a certified B-Corps company. The article acknowledges that although the upfront cost of the boxes may seem high, the cost reflects the attention to quality, community, and environmental stewardship in a more just seafood system.

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