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The Best Way to Buy Sustainable Seafood? Support a Local Fishery

From Bon Appétit

    Bon Appetit wrote that one of the best ways to obtain sustainable fish is by supporting a local fishery. We are so proud to that Sitka Seafood Market was one of the companies they suggested, specifically as a way to get the best sustainable fish products in the Midwest. “It’s admittedly trickier to get sustainable seafood in the landlocked Midwest, but Sitka Seafood Market will deliver wild Alaskan seafood directly to cities in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.”

    Finding sustainable seafood can often be difficult, with a variety of sites and sources that don’t always comprehensively and truthfully disclose where and how your fish was harvested. The article went into detail about how community-supported fisheries (CSF) are the best way to get domestic, wild-caught seafood delivered to your door. The formats and models of CSF’s tend to differ, but the goal is to allow family fishermen to keep their business small, which helps limit their negative impact on the environment, while also giving you the transparency to know exactly where your food is coming from.

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