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This Illinois Professor Helps Bring Sustainable Seafood to Your Door

From Midwest Living

    Midwest Living outlined how our president, Nic Mink, got his start in bringing wild-caught sustainable seafood right to Midwesterners’ doors. The magazine spoke of the quality of the seafood delivered by Sitka Seafood Market, while highlighting the sustainable and economically friendly practices used to catch our fish: “It's way more green than flying in fresh fish, and it's traceable. You know who caught your dinner and how.” The magazine made the connection between the transparency of the salmon’s origins and processing methods and the overall quality and taste of the product.

    Midwest Living explained the difference between Sitka Seafood Market’s fishing practices and big commercial fishing operations, noting that we give individual care to each catch with our eco-friendly and responsible practices. This individual attention given to every catch yields a more desirable flavor to our fish. While our practices are more labor-intensive than some, the results are worth it. Sitka Seafood Market’s fishermen and women are to thank for this meticulous care.

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