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Summer Sockeye from Kenai-Red Fish Company

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    We source sockeye salmon from a variety of small-scale, community-based processors. One of them is the Kenai-Red Fish Company (KRFC) out of Ninilchik, Alaska. Clint Benson and Allison Jones are a father-daughter duo who founded KRFC in 2013. While the company’s roots are in Portland, they own and operate a processing plant in Ninilchik, on the majestic Cook Inlet, where they are proud to be part of the local scene as a small community processor.

    Each summer, Clint heads up to Alaska for the fishing season (mid-June to the beginning of August) and brings the best of his catch back down to Portland. His love for Alaska began in the early 1980s when he started traveling to Alaska to work as a deckhand during the summers in college. Today he and Allison work with a select group of fishermen to augment Clint's wild catch.

    Clint and Allison write that their vision is to bring their seafood to the tables of folks who care about:

    • knowing about the source and handling of what they eat
    • healthy eating
    • sustainable fishery practices
    • supporting a family-owned small-scale business