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Winter King Salmon Fishing

An update from the fishing grounds

    Alaskan days are quickly growing shorter and the fishing grounds are becoming colder just as fast. I accompanied a family friend, Terry Perensovich, out trolling for winter king salmon for the first time and returned with this report: A hot cup of coffee is necessary, insulated gloves are a bonus. An additional word to the wise — if you can find a captain who's a talented baker, prioritize working on that boat.

    Terry, a shipwright and carpenter by trade, acquired the F/V Myrna D after it was destroyed by a fire. Over the past two decades he's restored the boat even beyond its original glory.
    Terry readies the F/V Myrna D before getting underway.
    A mountainous view from the helm of the F/V Myrna D as it slowly makes its way to the fishing grounds.
    Terry sets gear while the sun rises behind him.
    A hot cup of coffee is essential, insulated gloves are a bonus.
    Terry looks out towards the open ocean from the troll pit of his double ender.
    Terry runs gear from the troll pit as I steer and snack on his peanut butter chocolate cookies.
    Terry checks the float bags behind the boat to make sure his lines are properly spaced.
    Each king salmon caught by troll fishermen is carefully cleaned, bled, and iced.
    Golden yellow cedar salvaged from Prince of Whales island glows as afternoon golden hour shines into the pilot house.