Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ Library

  • Do I need to be home for deliveries?

    No, you do not need to be home for deliveries. Your box will be delivered with plenty of dry ice and sustainable insulation to keep it frozen solid until you're able to bring it inside.

  • Can I update my delivery address? Can I do so for just one month?

    Yes! We ship to addresses within the lower 48 states, and can change your address whenever you need as long as your box has not shipped yet. Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or chat, and we'd be happy to help.

  • What shipping carrier do you use?

    At this time, all of our shipments are sent via UPS.

  • How do I add delivery instructions to my shipment?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific driver instructions directly to UPS for deliveries. The good news is that UPS does offer a service called UPS My Choice where you can provide their drivers with more specific delivery instructions!

  • What do I do if my box arrives thawed?

    In the event that your shipment is significantly delayed, thawed, or damaged, we will always take care of you. Please contact us via phone, email, or chat, and we will absolutely make things right for you!

  • How long will my seafood last in the freezer?

    Each box consists of individually blast-frozen and vacuum-sealed portions that will last in a freezer at or below 0 degrees for six months after delivery before they start to decline in quality, and will be safe to eat for up to a year if kept sealed.

  • I'm allergic to shellfish. Is your shellfish processed in the same place as your fish?

    Our shellfish and fish are often processed in the same facility. However, there are strict rules mandated by the FDA to avoid cross-contamination between shellfish and fish, including using separate processing areas, times of production, and production tools.

  • Can your seafood be eaten raw?

    Yes, please do! All of our seafood is sushi grade / sashimi grade and be enjoyed raw or rare. The on-boat processing and individual handling of all of our fish ensure the quality demanded by any raw preparation. More important—safety-wise, anyway—our fish are frozen at very low temperatures, which ensures they are safe to eat raw. The FDA’s stance is still that consuming undercooked meat, poultry, and seafood products may increase the risk of foodborne illness.

  • How should I thaw my fish?

    Check out this Cooking Guide on How to Thaw Fish from our Culinary Director, Grace Parisi, or read on.

    Thaw your fish in the coldest part of the refrigerator for about 8 hours, depending on the thickness of the fillet, and use it within 24 hours. To further reduce the risk of botulism, snip the corner of the pouch to release the vacuum seal before refrigerating. Never microwave your fish or allow it to sit out at room temperature to thaw as both methods can negatively affect the texture.

    To quick-thaw your fish, keep it in its vacuum-sealed packaging and submerge in cold tap water, changing the water every 30 minutes. Prepare and consume fish immediately after thawing.

  • What do I do if I have a quality concern?

    Please contact us via email with pictures of the product in question and we will be happy to make it right.

  • Is your seafood traceable to the source?

    Our seafood is traceable to the port where it was landed and the processor where it was portioned. For each box you receive, you'll be able to see exactly where it came from, and receive stories about the people and places behind your seafood!

  • When does my subscription end?

    Your subscription is active until you cancel it. You can cancel at any time by contacting us via email, phone or website chat.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel at any time for any reason. Just contact us via email, phone or chat on our website and we'll help you out.

  • What happens if I prepay and then skip a month?

    If you prepay and then decide to skip a month, another prepaid month will be added to your subscription.

  • How far into the future can I delay a shipment?

    You can delay a shipment for up to a month. For example, if you need to delay your January shipment, it can be delivered in late February. You can also skip a shipment at any time from your member account or by contacting us.

  • How do I skip a delivery?

    You can skip your upcoming box from within your member account. Just log in, and from the "Your Subscriptions" tab, find your "Upcoming Deliveries" section. In the top right corner of that section, click "Edit Schedule." From there, you'll have the option to "Skip This Box" or change your delivery week.

    Once you've skipped your upcoming box, you'll have the opportunity to skip the next box too. You'll find your next box listed in the "Upcoming Deliveries" section and can "Edit Schedule" and skip the box in the same way. Note that you can only skip your next scheduled delivery. If you need to skip a future box, you'll have the opportunity to do so from within your member account about six weeks prior to its scheduled delivery date, or can do so any time by contacting our Member Services team.

    Lastly, if your upcoming delivery has already been processed (about two weeks before you're scheduled to receive it), you won't be able to skip the box from within your member account. Instead, just reach out to us via phone, email, or live chat on our website, and we'll be happy to skip it for you if it hasn't already shipped!

  • How do I receive my member discount?

    If you currently have an active subscription, simply log into your member account and your discount will automatically be applied at checkout. No codes needed!

  • Can I order a subscription with only white fish?

    Although we do not offer a white fish-only subscription, you still have options to focus on your favorite species. You can always check the projected harvest for the next three months, and skip anything you do not wish to receive. Additionally, there are frequent opportunities to get one-time shipments of white fish in our Seafood Market.

  • Why is my king salmon white?

    The meat color of wild salmon is actually quite variable due to their wild nature. The reddish-pink color comes from pigments found in crustaceans as part of a wild salmon's diet. With king salmon, some have a white or marbled meat color due to an inability to process these pigments in their food. It is relatively rare and considered a delicacy—about one in twenty king salmon are white or marbled, and many eaters prefer the meat of white king salmon! We don't sell them separately, but rather distribute it in members’ subscriptions, so some members get lucky and enjoy this rare treat.

  • What is the orange stuff on my spot shrimp?

    Female shrimp may have a delicious cluster of shrimp eggs, called roe. Roe is a delicacy on par with a high-end caviar. It can be used to deepen the flavor of broths and sauces. Try it out and let us know what you think! Here's a great resource for more information on the Spot Prawn female cycle.