Our Sustainable Sourcing Standards

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Our Sustainable Sourcing Standards
Our Sustainable Sourcing Standards

Quality & Transparency

We’re serious about quality.

  • We aim to deliver the highest quality seafood possible to our customers with the greatest transparency on the who, how, and where of their catch.

We want you to know the who, how, and where of your seafood.

  • 100% of the seafood we source is harvested and processed in the United States.
  • We label our fish with species, location, processor, and even the boat name when possible.
  • Our short supply chains and longstanding partnerships gives us certainty that the source, fishery, and location of harvest is accurately described.
  • We maintain high standards for harvesting, handling, and processing our seafood including chilling, bleeding, and blast freezing which help ensure an excellent quality product.

Wild Fish Conservation

Wild Alaska river
Wild Alaska river

We care about the health of the fisheries and ecosystem.

  • All of our seafood comes from wild-caught U.S. fisheries, with the vast majority sourced from the productive waters of Alaska.
  • What's more, while the U.S. has a rigorous system for managing fisheries, Alaska is widely considered a cut above for its emphasis on precautionary, data-driven management. Alaska’s fisheries are carefully managed using the best available science to maintain the health of the fish stock, reduce bycatch, and minimize any negative impacts to other species and the ecosystem.
  • From time-to-time, we work with partners in the lower-48 states to source new and diverse products for our customers. In these cases, we review the status of the fishery and ensure the fish stock is healthy and that impacts to other species and the ecosystem are minimized.

We closely track fishery science and management decisions.

  • We actively monitor the health of the fish stocks we source from, their environmental impacts, and we stay engaged in relevant fisheries policy and management issues.
  • We do not source from fisheries that are considered overfished or are experiencing overfishing.
  • We primarily source from low-impact hook-and-line, pot, and gillnet fisheries operated by small-boat fishermen (vessel length of 60 ft. or less). On a few occasions, we source from other gear types where the fishery and partnership is carefully evaluated.

Support Alaskan Fishing Communities

We support healthy coastal communities.

  • We source almost exclusively from small-boat Alaska fisheries, and also from a few fisheries in the expansive Bering Sea that require larger vessels but are managed to deliver social and economic benefits to local communities.
  • We have a unique, fishermen-owner model where community-based fishermen have an ownership stake in the company.
  • We aim to create stability in the marketplace for small-boat, hook-and-line fishermen through community-based processors as well as fishermen partners.

We invest in fishermen and seafood workers in Alaska.

  • We support healthy coastal economies through our partnerships with small and medium processors across the state of Alaska. We are proud to have sourcing partners that are locally-owned, fishermen-owned, woman-owned, and Tribally-owned.
  • Through our sourcing practices, our 1% For the Wild Fund, and our engagement in policy and management, we aim to support healthy oceans, community-based seafood processors, and coastal fishing communities.

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