Early Bird Prepaid



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  • 2 Shipments

Product Description

Prepaying for your subscription comes with a boatload of benefits. First of all, you save up to $210 on your next 12 deliveries. In addition, prepaid members get early access to and an additional 5% off all of our one-time box offerings. Your prepayment allows us to buy salmon in season so we can buy the exact product we’re looking for that meets all of our quality standards. Purchasing all of our salmon within the season allows us to work with small-boat fishermen and community-based processors who need the cash up front, and can’t afford to hold on to the product until we need it in winter. We choose to work with them not out of convenience or price, but because they produce the best-quality fish from fisheries that leave plenty of fish in the ocean. These smaller processors directly support the fishermen and are pillars in their local fishing communities. It’s not an understatement to say that your willingness to prepay is what gives us the flexibility we need to purchase the absolute highest-quality fish from the best sources in Alaska! It’s truly what allows us to continue delivering amazing seafood to your door.

Delivery Details

  • Your prepaid deliveries credit will be applied to your subscription within 2-3 business days..

  • Responsibly Harvested
  • Wild-Caught Seafood
  • Traceable To The Source
  • Caught And Processed
  • 1% For The Wild

Choose for Yourself

Not sure which membership is right for you? Try a box from our Seafood Market to taste for yourself, no subscription required