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dinner party
dinner party

Our story begins in 2011, when a Midwestern college professor, Nic, and a second-generation Alaskan fisherman, Marsh, met in Sitka, Alaska.

Marsh taught Nic about the importance of protecting Alaska’s wild fish populations and the centuries old communities that rely on Alaska’s fisheries for sustenance and a way of life.

Nic returned to the Midwest with boxes of line-caught, wild Alaska salmon.

To say the fish was well-received would be an understatement. People raved about the salmon’s taste and quickly made the connection between their consumption and the impact this small act could have on conservation efforts and the health of Alaska’s responsibly managed fisheries.


Members also receive chef-curated recipes and access to members-only cooking classes for a truly unparalleled culinary experience.

We’re here to support and cheer on our members’ culinary adventures, whether it is a quick, nutritious meal for your growing family or an elaborate spread for a crowd.

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We have a reputation in the industry for being quality snobs.

We only work with trusted sourcing partners that can meet our premium quality standards. We inspect and monitor fish processing and have continual quality checks along the supply chain to ensure only the highest quality arrives on our members’ doorsteps. We don’t just pay lip service to sustainability. We have a rigorous process for testing harvesting methods and only source seafood that was taken from the ocean with minimal disruption to the fish habitat and ecosystem.


Fillets are handled one by one to ensure a perfect cut while maximizing the use of the wild resource.

Alaska's small-boat fishermen use low-impact harvesting methods that minimize bycatch and habitat disruption.

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