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8 Fish Toppers to Take Your Dinner to the Next Level

Easy toppings from Culinary Director, Grace Parisi to dress up any seafood dish.

    Photo by Grace Parisi

    Our mission at Sitka Seafood Market is to always bring you fish of discernible quality. Harvested and processed locally to ensure freshness, our seafood shines in even the simplest of dishes. And though our fish doesn’t need much to taste great (really, flaky salt and olive oil will do wonders), we’re always looking for ways to get you excited about your monthly share.

    These toppings from Culinary Director Grace Parisi are a delicious and oh-so-easy way to dress up any seafood dish. Coming together in 15 minutes, they offer maximum return on minimal investment — that is, show-stopping fish when you don’t much feel like cooking. Try slathering these compound butters atop pan-seared fillets, or sprinkling crispy sablefish skin with punchy gremolata. Our favorite? An herby panko topping so addicting you may even forget to put fish underneath it. We love it over slow-roasted salmon, but hey — you do you.

    Toasted Chorizo Breadcrumbs

    Whip this one out next time you’re craving tapas. Crispy panko meets garlic meets salty, spicy chorizo for a verifiable umami-bomb. We recommend serving it atop pan-seared sablefish and with a glass of chilled albariño.

    Olive Pistachio Relish

    Between olives, rosemary, and peppadew peppers, this relish is briny, aromatic, and just a touch spicy-sweet — a perfect complement to rich salmon. Spoon it over grilled, slow-roasted, or poached fillets and don’t be shy. Pour yourself a glass of wine from the south of France and it’s almost like you’re lunching at a sunny vineyard in the Rhone Valley. Almost.

    Fried Caper and Sage Butter Sauce

    Say this one three times fast, we dare you. In this recipe, the earthy fragrance of sage mellows as it sizzles in hot oil, while a touch of butter makes for a silky, velvety sauce. It may be a mouthful to say, but at least you get to eat it, too.

    Caesar Compound Butter

    If you love the Caesar more than the salad, try this compound butter. Any purist will tell you: real Caesar dressing needs anchovies. So double up your fish for this recipe, because that’s where this flavorful compound butter gets its kick. Dollop some over any lean white fish, like cod, rockfish, lingcod, and especially halibut, and watch it melt into a luscious sauce.

    Sausage-Pepper Butter

    Maximize the textural potential of your sausage by removing the casings. For this recipe, break up the link into fine crumbles so it crisps beautifully and stir in chopped peppadews for balance. Serve over any lean and mild white fish. Think cod, halibut, lingcod, or rockfish.

    Kale-Anchovy Crumbs

    On a crisp Fall evening, take your kale straight from the farmer’s market and sauté it. There is no combination heartier than kale, anchovies, and breadcrumbs, especially over delicious fresh fish.

    Salumi Rosemary Crumble

    Frizzle soppressata and rosemary in hot oil for spicy, flavor-packed crispies. We could eat it by itself, but do the grown-up thing and serve it over any simply cooked fish with a bottle of grown-up sparkling white wine.

    Frico Crumble

    To those who would stubbornly insist on the separation of seafood and cheese, we say, “Sitka shall make no law respecting the establishment of a rule against serving delicious parmesan crackers over fish.” Crumble these crackers over any salmon or whitefish and enjoy with a crisp white wine.


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